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I can definitely remember my mom telling me a thousand times as a teenager that I would have it ten times worst. oh how naïve I was to laugh hat phrase off back then. No one gave me a heads up or said run while you can. nope they just left me out to dry and I must say I’m happy they did because this has been quite a emotional catastrophic experience. Ok so maybe i’m exaggerating on the happiness part but it did sound good right?

From the day my eldest turned thirteen who is now fourteen,  the hormones have kicked in and the attitude is raging. Constantly the little voice in my head keeps saying “ten times worst”. Does this sound familiar? Has your teenager been replaced by a horrible attitude having monster? Rest assure that this too shall pass. We were all these same monsters at one point  most likely and we got through them. What’s important for us as parents is to make sure we still hold the solid ground. our word is our word. It is our teenagers job to try any and every thing possible to persuade us to go along with there thinking.

Now we haven’t been making it as single parents for this long to allow our children to defeat us have we? of course not, so stay strong and hold your ground. This  will pass and in the years to come you will look back, reminisce and laugh about it! #single parents rock!

Am I my sister’s keeper?

When is sibling rivalry going too far?  That Is something we as parents have to decide. Finding out the cause for the fighting is also important. This is an issue I had to tackle over the past few months.  Having all girls ages 14, 10, and 2 my home was in constant battle.  A home full of screaming and angry girls everyday was normal for me.  Arguments ranged from one wearing the others clothes to who should have to clean up what. The two year old even had her bit of say in the situation. I was at my whit’s end with the hostile environment in my home and something had to change. Does this sound familiar to you? Lets go over some of the techniques I used to help my girls grow closer.

My first step was to set weekly family meetings. At these meetings, I encouraged the girls to discuss their activities of the week, their good points and their bad points and anything else they wanted to share. In our first meeting I made out a set of family rules. these rules included things such as speaking kindly, no down talking, and complimenting a least once daily.

Success will not happen over night, but it’s definitely important to acknowledge progress being made along the way. This action always made the other want to get that same acknowledgement so they would compete as to who could be the best behaved. I thought it was great to see them competing at something positive.   #single parents rock!