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Where have you been?

imageOk so I know its been forever and a blue moon since I last posted but wooh do I have some new ventures to tell you about. I’ve been doing some researching and experimenting with a few at home opportunities, of which some worked and some did not. This would explain my brief silence as I had to find a balance between the girls, starting a business, school work and of course a little me time.

Break time is over and its back to sharing and gaining new insights from all you wonderful moms out there! Do you own a blog? I would love to connect with you all to share ideas and help each other along the way. Do you represent any MLM companies? I am a independent representative for Scentsy. This blog is dedicated to all women not just single mothers, so  free to engage and lets get to know one another.

Chat with you soon,

Single parents rock!!

Am I my sister’s keeper?

When is sibling rivalry going too far?  That Is something we as parents have to decide. Finding out the cause for the fighting is also important. This is an issue I had to tackle over the past few months.  Having all girls ages 14, 10, and 2 my home was in constant battle.  A home full of screaming and angry girls everyday was normal for me.  Arguments ranged from one wearing the others clothes to who should have to clean up what. The two year old even had her bit of say in the situation. I was at my whit’s end with the hostile environment in my home and something had to change. Does this sound familiar to you? Lets go over some of the techniques I used to help my girls grow closer.

My first step was to set weekly family meetings. At these meetings, I encouraged the girls to discuss their activities of the week, their good points and their bad points and anything else they wanted to share. In our first meeting I made out a set of family rules. these rules included things such as speaking kindly, no down talking, and complimenting a least once daily.

Success will not happen over night, but it’s definitely important to acknowledge progress being made along the way. This action always made the other want to get that same acknowledgement so they would compete as to who could be the best behaved. I thought it was great to see them competing at something positive.   #single parents rock!

The adventures of the terrible twos!

From the day we bring our babies home from the hospital we are attached. Cuddling has always been my favorite, especially with ani; my two year old. With my oldest girls I always went straight back to work full time which meant my girls were in daycare from young ages. I am Ani’s daycare, so this means I get to
Notice the tantrums and fits that she has become accustomed to.

The age difference between ani and my oldest girls is quite significant. There’s eight years between Ani and the second oldest and 11 yrs between Ani and my oldest. Because of this age difference she has become accustomed to getting her way and goes into a rage without getting it. You can imagine how embarrassing it was to have her screaming in the middle of the aisle for a snack cake. I was at a lost for what to do with my sweet little angel turned monster. I had to put a plan into action and quick.

After doing a little research, I found that my tactic of leaving the room until she calmed down was actually doing more harm then good. When she is going into a rage, she needs my comfort so she can know she is not alone and I’m here for her. The anger they feel with these tantrums is not a form of manipulation, it is actually something they are not in control of. This explains why she reacts differently if I comfort her, rather than leaving the room.

In no way, shape or form am I saying that any one parenting tactic is better then the other, however in my particular situation this comforting solution has worked very well for ani and I. While she still has occasional tantrums, they definitely have decreased and are less mild. Toys are no longer being thrown and she is starting to gain an understanding of the consequences of her outburst.

How far is to far?

Is there a certain amount of years apart we should have our children? There is no correct answer for the question. It really depends on what we as individuals want. I have three girls Kia age 14, rya age 10 and ani age 2.

These are pretty significant age gaps and I can definitely say my household is always very interesting. While Kia is interested in anything socially connected, rya enjoys pretending to be different characters and reading Percy Jackson. As far as interacting with each other however, that’s a no go. Ani, the toddler seems to receive nothing but constant attention and love from both girls. This has led me to believe that the age gap of four years between the older girls is hindering the possibility of a positive relationship. Being an only child for four years and then welcoming a new baby I believe would be scary for most kids.

As a single parent, it is important for me to correct the relationship issues between my older girls. Love and compassion is a major component of happiness in my home. Where do we find the balance when the children have such big gaps in age? I really appreciate any feedback and suggestions. Until next time remember single parents rock!!!!

Ring the alarm!

Oh the teenage blues have arrived! Where did teaching our children responsibility go to? My fourteen year old believes that because I have been waking her up since six I should continue to do. Do you agree?

About a month ago, I decided it was time for her to start waking up by herself. It made sense to me because soon she will be old enough to work and drive. This would be part of teaching her responsibility or so I thought.

But here I find myself feeling guilty for her waking up late. Big no no. As a single parent it’s hard not to give in to guilt trips because we already feel guilty for being a single parent. But believe it not standing firm on your word will make your child more appreciative of the you in the long run.
I would love to hear feedback, maybe you could tell me of your experiences and how you handled it. Until next time remember single parents rock!!!!

Help! I need more hours in the day.

Where in the world do all the hours in the day go?  That’s the million dollar question for many single parents. With work, school, dinner, the kids sports schedule finding time for ourselves can be quite difficult. the key to finding time for ourselves is to start planning.

now I know your probably saying “really? don’t you think I know this. But I mean really sitting down and writing our schedules out for the week. In those schedules we have to set aside an hour or so for ourselves. Instead of fixing the kids lunch in the mornings prepare them at night and refrigerate. Stop feeling guilty about letting the laundry go unfolded until tomorrow and sit down and relax your feet. A relaxed single parent is more productive at dealing with stress.

Having a night out is not a felony offense, so don’t let the guilt of being away from your kids keep you locked in the house. everyone deserves a break and you deserve it even more. As long as you have a trusted childcare provider nothing is wrong with you going to enjoy yourself.

I’m going to start my calendar this week and I hope to hear from everyone about how their schedules and time to themselves worked out.

Single parents rock!!!!