Hi there my name is Marie and I am the mother of three beautiful girls. I guess its not hard to tell that yes I am single. Yes I know what the  traditional views and stereo type are, but hey I’m happy and so are my girls. There are so many different situations out there that could make us single parents that its too long too list and truthfully I don’t believe the reason matters. What matters is how well we can hold up being ” the single parent”.

Now I’m sure I’m not alone in saying over the years I’ve received so many opinions and thoughts of others who in most circumstances had never really been in my situation. Yes they may have had kids, or may have raised siblings etc., but they weren’t doing it alone. I just had a need to interact with others who maybe could understand me better when doing homework, cooking, breaking up spits and spats, and keeping the two year old from falling off top of the couch all in the span of five minutes has me ready to hide under a rock. I hope every one enjoys the content of the blog1545099_727441370613977_791338434_n and please feel free to comment or share.

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