The adventures of the terrible twos!

From the day we bring our babies home from the hospital we are attached. Cuddling has always been my favorite, especially with ani; my two year old. With my oldest girls I always went straight back to work full time which meant my girls were in daycare from young ages. I am Ani’s daycare, so this means I get to
Notice the tantrums and fits that she has become accustomed to.

The age difference between ani and my oldest girls is quite significant. There’s eight years between Ani and the second oldest and 11 yrs between Ani and my oldest. Because of this age difference she has become accustomed to getting her way and goes into a rage without getting it. You can imagine how embarrassing it was to have her screaming in the middle of the aisle for a snack cake. I was at a lost for what to do with my sweet little angel turned monster. I had to put a plan into action and quick.

After doing a little research, I found that my tactic of leaving the room until she calmed down was actually doing more harm then good. When she is going into a rage, she needs my comfort so she can know she is not alone and I’m here for her. The anger they feel with these tantrums is not a form of manipulation, it is actually something they are not in control of. This explains why she reacts differently if I comfort her, rather than leaving the room.

In no way, shape or form am I saying that any one parenting tactic is better then the other, however in my particular situation this comforting solution has worked very well for ani and I. While she still has occasional tantrums, they definitely have decreased and are less mild. Toys are no longer being thrown and she is starting to gain an understanding of the consequences of her outburst.

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