How far is to far?

Is there a certain amount of years apart we should have our children? There is no correct answer for the question. It really depends on what we as individuals want. I have three girls Kia age 14, rya age 10 and ani age 2.

These are pretty significant age gaps and I can definitely say my household is always very interesting. While Kia is interested in anything socially connected, rya enjoys pretending to be different characters and reading Percy Jackson. As far as interacting with each other however, that’s a no go. Ani, the toddler seems to receive nothing but constant attention and love from both girls. This has led me to believe that the age gap of four years between the older girls is hindering the possibility of a positive relationship. Being an only child for four years and then welcoming a new baby I believe would be scary for most kids.

As a single parent, it is important for me to correct the relationship issues between my older girls. Love and compassion is a major component of happiness in my home. Where do we find the balance when the children have such big gaps in age? I really appreciate any feedback and suggestions. Until next time remember single parents rock!!!!

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