Help! I need more hours in the day.

Where in the world do all the hours in the day go?  That’s the million dollar question for many single parents. With work, school, dinner, the kids sports schedule finding time for ourselves can be quite difficult. the key to finding time for ourselves is to start planning.

now I know your probably saying “really? don’t you think I know this. But I mean really sitting down and writing our schedules out for the week. In those schedules we have to set aside an hour or so for ourselves. Instead of fixing the kids lunch in the mornings prepare them at night and refrigerate. Stop feeling guilty about letting the laundry go unfolded until tomorrow and sit down and relax your feet. A relaxed single parent is more productive at dealing with stress.

Having a night out is not a felony offense, so don’t let the guilt of being away from your kids keep you locked in the house. everyone deserves a break and you deserve it even more. As long as you have a trusted childcare provider nothing is wrong with you going to enjoy yourself.

I’m going to start my calendar this week and I hope to hear from everyone about how their schedules and time to themselves worked out.

Single parents rock!!!!

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